Security consulting services involve identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities on the client’s site or entity and evaluating the existing risks. Risk assessment is essential to determine what security and safety measures would be appropriate. The measures devised by our experts represent an “integrated security solution”, i.e. they combine the most advanced technologies and highly-qualified human security guards to achieve an optimal solution specifically tailored to client needs.

Security and risk assessment consulting services

We have extensive experience in safeguarding: offices; housing estates; hotels; shopping centres; auto service centres, building sites such as: motorways, roads, metro stations, multifunctional complexes; industrial plants including critical infrastructure sites of the Republic of Bulgaria. Depending on the site, the security guards may be armed or unarmed, stationary or mobile.

Safeguarding real estates

We offer the following bespoke solutions to protect your construction site, residential spaces and your assets: 24/7 security guarding and access control; safeguarding outdoor spaces/areas; foot patrols to walk around inner perimeter areas; motor patrols to observe large outdoor areas; security guards to protect temporary facilities; construction site security; safeguarding agricultural buildings; real-time response to security alarm systems; security and risk management consulting. Following a structured schedule and itinerary, our staff will ensure that all areas within your site or property are constantly monitored.

Safeguarding physical and legal persons’ properties

Response forces are on constant alert and positioned in optimal exit zones to respond to an incident quickly and efficiently. When receiving an alarm signal, they move onto an optimal route to get to your site, while inspecting and blocking the perimeter. Trained to handle various situations, our security guards are equipped with the professional skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively to emergencies, capture intruders, provide first aid and work with law enforcement to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Security alarm services

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A high-performing team of proven professionals

Precise employee selection is the key to maximising the efficiency of security services rendered by Geoohrana. Our teams maintain a high level of endurance and discipline, and undergo pre-assignment training and site specific induction that are crucially important for performing their tasks and duties using IT and technical support.

Why we succeed

We manage to cope with the challenges thanks to our fully integrated security solutions combining physical security with the latest technologies in the field of video surveillance, access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, fire detection and fire alarm systems.

Many others have trusted us

We are a loyal and reliable security partner which counts on long-term and sustainable business relationships. We know the risks our clients are facing and we always take the time to fully understand their problems and needs.
Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance

Security systems

Alarm systems

Security alarm systems provide safety and security for you and your property at any time by detecting and alerting about potential intrusion into protected areas. The process includes: preparation of a preliminary design, cabling and wiring, installation of security and monitoring systems, setting up the system so it can operate adequately and reliably, programming to get the most accurate data about real-time activity on your site, training the client to operate the system. The systems are designed with options to integrate, upgrade and expand by adding other security systems – video surveillance, fire alarm systems, etc.

Fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems

After a thorough analysis of the site and its vulnerable areas to potential fire hazards, our specialists design the most efficient and reliable fire alarm system. Our team has proven experience in the installation of fire alarm systems tailorable to fit a wide range of sites, using products of the globally recognised manufacturers Bosch, Siemens, Hochiki, Tyco Zettler, etc. We are licensed to maintain fire alarm and fire suppression systems, which enables us to continue watching over them after the project is completed by performing preventive maintenance.

Video surveillance

We design, build and maintain state-of-the-art video surveillance systems. The service is suitable for various sites – houses, apartments, housing estates and entrances, industrial plants, logistics and commercial centres, building sites, banks, office and administrative buildings, hotels, etc. When an emergency situation arises, the on-duty operators from the monitoring centre will immediately respond and coordinate the actions of the security teams. Access to on-site video cameras may be restricted, depending on the client’s requirements.
We offer to your attention a complete set of design, installation, operation and maintenance of security systems. If you would like to use our services, please send us an inquiry.

Ensure maximum security

At Geoohrana, we dedicate time and attention to fully understand our clients’ needs. Having long-standing experience in the security sector, we work with you and for you by recommending the best solutions.
Our team has in-depth expertise and distinctive professionalism, which guarantee the development and implementation of leading-edge security solutions at optimum prices, integrating the latest technological innovations in the sphere of security systems:
Water and gas detection systems
Perimeter security systems
Communication systems
Structured cabling systems

We apply individual approach and offer customised solutions according to all client’s requirements.

We provide strong service quality and reliability.
In addition to all our services, we will also offer the following:

An integrated security monitoring hub

Providing reliable video surveillance, real-time response from security alarm systems and/or fire detection systems

Maintenance subscription

24/7/365 technical support and service. Immediate fixing/elimination of current technical problems in the systems on all sites integrated in the company’s communication networks.

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